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Atrophia Red Sun - Twisted Logic
Atrophia Red Sun - Twisted Logic
artist:  Atrophia Red Sun
album:  Twisted Logic
year:  2003
genre:  Rock
styles:   Progressive Metal;
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Track list
track title track length download track
1 Code Word (Personal) Cold World 01:32 track
2 Abstract 01:42 track
3 Infected Tears 01:08 track
4 Inspiration 01:59 track
5 Nameless Rot 01:27 track
6 Sins Of Nations 01:47 track
7 Sugar Cube (Cyber Instrumental) 01:01 track
8 Twisted Logic 01:24 track
9 Structure Of Emptiness 01:04 track
10 Into (My) Xication 01:17 track
11 Acid Sideefect Lost In Darkness (Cyber Instrumental) 01:05 track
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