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Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
Spastic Ink - Ink Complete
artist:  Spastic Ink
album:  Ink Complete
year:  2002
genre:  Rock
styles:   Progressive Metal;
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Track list
track title track length download track
1 The Mad Data Race 01:15 track
2 A Morning With Squeakie 01:24 track
3 Just A Little Dirty 01:43 track
4 See, And It's Sharp 01:32 track
5 Suspended On All Fours 01:05 track
6 A Wild Hare 01:16 track
7 Harm And Half -Time Baking Shuffle 01:46 track
8 To Counter And Groove In E Minor 01:05 track
9 The 178 Thing 01:27 track
10 Eighths Is Enough 01:00 track
11 Mosquito Brain Surgery 01:11 track
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