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Massground - Emblem Stay Evil
Massground - Emblem Stay Evil
artist:  Massground
album:  Emblem Stay Evil
year:  2002
genre:  Rock
styles:   Death Metal;
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Track list
track title track length download track
1 Intro 01:54 track
2 In Apocalypse...Now We Reborn 01:42 track
3 Naked Loser 01:27 track
4 Beheaded To Be Kingdom Of Evil 01:07 track
5 From Enslavement To Obliteration (Napalm Death) 01:30 track
6 Cryptic Death Hammer 01:32 track
7 Seventh Son Of Heaven's Bitch 01:14 track
8 After World Obliteration (Terrorizer) 01:21 track
9 Unholy Massacre (Incantation) 01:44 track
10 My Bloody Birthday (Demo) 01:50 track
11 Untitled 01:33 track
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