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DJ Thomilla - Freeze
DJ Thomilla - Freeze
artist:  DJ Thomilla
album:  Freeze
year:  2004
genre:  Dance
styles:   Club Dance;
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Track list
track title track length download track
1 Now You Know (Ft. Soffy O. & Sekou) 01:59 track
2 I Cee U (Ft. Billy Allen) 01:17 track
3 Freaky Girl (Ft. Ayak) 01:48 track
4 Ping Pong 01:22 track
5 Blue Prints (Ft. Skarra Mucci) 01:09 track
6 Turntablerocker / I Heard You Were Dead 01:07 track
7 Let's Jack (Ft. Tyree Cooper) 01:11 track
8 On My Mind (Ft. David Whitley) 01:52 track
9 The Body (with DJ Friction) 01:28 track
10 Slap that Bitch (Ft. Oezlem) 01:02 track
11 Not Satisfied (with Tonka) 01:21 track
12 Sloppy (with DJ Passion) 01:07 track
13 Dedicated (Ft. Fetsum) 01:31 track
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