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Vlad Tepes - Black Legions Spirits
Vlad Tepes - Black Legions Spirits
artist:  Vlad Tepes
album:  Black Legions Spirits
year:  2004
genre:  Rock
styles:   Black Metal;
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Track list
track title track length download track
1 War Funeral March in the Grey Mist of a Fullmoon Night 01:20 track
2 From the Celtic Moonfrost 01:35 track
3 Walachian Tyrant 01:33 track
4 Returning to My Old Battlegrounds 01:27 track
5 Frozen Dead's Kingdom 01:33 track
6 Wladimir March 01:24 track
7 War Funeral March 01:00 track
8 Dans Notre Chute 01:27 track
9 Bestial Lust (Bathory Cover) 01:32 track
10 Drink the Poetry of the Celtic Disciple 01:24 track
11 Under Carpathian Yoke 01:28 track
12 Diabolical Realm 01:08 track
13 Misery Fear and Storm Hunger 01:03 track
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