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Type O Negative
Type O Negative
artist:  Type O Negative
genre:  Rock
styles:   Doom Metal;
Gothic Metal;
cover album name year tracks download album
Slow, Deep and Hard 1991 7 download
Origin of the Feces 1992 8 download
Bloody Kisses 1993 9 download
October Rust 1996 15 download
World Coming Down 1999 13 download
Least Worst Of 2000 14 download
Blood, Sweat And Tears (tribute) 2001 12 download
Life is Killing Me 2003 15 download
Warsaw Hospital (Live) 2003 13 download
Symphony For The Devil (DVDA) 2006 17 download
The Best Of Type O Negative 2006 12 download
Dead Again 2007 10 download
Dead Again (Bonus CD) 2007 5 download
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